We knew it would be a learning experience, we just didn't expect it to be so profound. It was our first time attending the AMS Conference, so our first avenue to talk to so many people about the state of the industry and how our product fits in.

We had a number of great conversations and connected with lots of wonderful people. The two ideas that found themselves emerging out of the conversations where the heavy impact of both Time and Money. If a company/product didn't take too much money from a school, they would instead take too much time. There is an ever-present sensation that makes schools immediately jump to a defensive stance.

After mulling over the ideas and chewing on some new concepts, we decided that we could pave the way to a better future. We could change our business structure to allow for more self-help and documentation. We could flip the pattern of engagement and let the schools discover the platform with no risk and no commitments; Completely removing the sales pressure and its associated anxiety.

We believe that great software should be available to schools above any other community. To address this, we have changed our pricing for schools to represent a 60-80% cost savings compared to the competitors. We have also changed our on-boarding process to allow you to completely set up the platform without having to talk to a single sales person.

We've changed our pricing to be flat fees based on school size. Now it will cost a school less than it costs them for their color copies. See our Pricing Page for specific pricing.

The rest of our verticals have also seen reductions in prices, non-profits and for-profits both will benefit from our shift.

Our product is unmatched, that we already knew. Now we are making it so that our pricing will follow suite.