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AMS Changed Us

We knew it would be a learning experience, we just didn't expect it to be so profound. It was our first time attending the AMS Conference, so our first avenue to talk to so many people about the state of the industry and how our product fits in. We had »

Release v1.3.9

Summary This release is the final of multiple releases that have made it to production. New Login/Registration Users no longer have to search for their school when joining. The access-code will derive the relationship automatically. Each school now has the ability to create trial-memberships that auto-expire after a predefined »


Summary This release introduces a new feature that will support non-school related implementations. White Label The platform is now out of beta for white label (or private label). All aspects of the system can be customized to use any logo, naming, or legal disclosures. Weeky Projects The system now supports »

Occasions Feature

Social Haven has complete support for Calendars, Events and RSVPs. Because of the ambiguity of the term "Event", (and the amount of features stuffed into it) we named it something unique: Occasions. Introduction It doesn't matter if you are a private school, a private teacher, a sports club or a »


Summary This is a maintenance release, only minor bugs and tweaks Enhancements [ios,android,web] Users can now respond to Occasions on behalf of other people who have access to the same student. [ios,android] Updated download mechanism to be a bit smarter at recognizing duplicate events. Notable Bug Fixes »