When you spend the time writing content, you want to be sure that the person you are sending to has the chance to see it. You don't send e-mail, you don't spam text messages: you write Bulletins.


Bulletins are the primary method for "us to them" communication. It allows you to send a consumable piece of information to everyone, a particular class, a certain group, or even a unique person.

The idea behind the bulletin is simple. People are busy. They care, but they want the ability to quickly manage their information before actually reading it. Instead of a 3 page long newsletter that they'll never read, your users pluck through the bulletins and earmark the ones that relate to them.

When they have their next time window - the bulletin will be there waiting. It won't be lost in their email box.

Bite Sized

When you send out information, you ensure that there is enough info in the summary so that your readers will have enough information to skip over it, or dive in. Just this tiny bit of consideration goes a very long way.

Take a look at the following examples. A little bit of information to start. Then lots of information when they are ready for it.

  • Bulletin Summary
  • Bulletin Detail

Interaction Encouraged

You'll notice a lot of functionality in Social Haven. Most of it is only become apparent after you start to use the application. You can comment on a bulletin, for example. And when you do, you can tag people so that they get notified of the remark. Just start typing @theirname and you are good to go. (You can also bookmark them for later. But that is described in a different post.)

  • Bulletin Comment
  • Bulletin Tag

Organized Content

Bulletins allow you to add headers, text, bullets, buttons, images and (soon) videos. This allows for a very rich experience inside of the app.

  • Bulletin Image
  • Bulletin Button


Sometimes you want to treat a bulletin with a little more importance. Or you really just want to get a quick survey done without making an entire form. [see the Forms Feature] There are three types of Bulletins.

  • Normal
    • .. normal. Nothing special
  • Important
    • An exclamation icon and requires a firmer touch to dismiss.
  • Feedback
    • User can choose from any positive, neutral or negative response you provide.
  • Bulletin Types
  • Bulletin Types 2
  • Bulletin Types 3
  • Bulletin Types 4

Admin Sneak Peak

In the admin console, you can quickly see how many people have seen a bulletin. [naturally there is more detail once you click into it]

Analytics 1
Analytics 2

Wrap Up

There is a bit more to bulletins, but that would require an in-depth look at the admin console. Something we don't have time for now.

The next time you sit down to write an e-mail newsletter, think about the person who has to read it.

Think about how much easier it would be to use Social Haven with bulletins.