Conversations allow you to communicate with people without having to acquire their e-mail or mobile number in advance. They are essentially text messages without the need to exchange personal contact information.

Simple And Effective

You can start a conversation simply by typing their name in the search box. If a parent, student or staff matches, they show up. Click their name and start chatting. If you need to loop someone else in, simply add them to the conversation using the same search idea.

  • Conversation Blank
  • Conversation Search
  • Conversation Chat
  • Conversation Add
  • Conversation List


Even though push notifications are enabled for conversations, you'll notice that the message you get on your phone is generic in nature. "You received a conversation in.. ". This is on purpose. Staff members would not appreciate messages popping up on their phone with intimate information from a concerned parent at the wrong time.

Administrators can limit you to only being able to talk to people in the same class, or they can allow you to talk to anyone.

That's it?

Conversations seem like a simple feature. But according to parents, it could very well be the most used and favorite feature of Social Haven.