Social Haven has complete support for Calendars, Events and RSVPs. Because of the ambiguity of the term "Event", (and the amount of features stuffed into it) we named it something unique: Occasions.


It doesn't matter if you are a private school, a private teacher, a sports club or a Members Only club -- you need a calendar. You need a way to communicate dates and locations for events, gatherings and parties. The very nature of your relationship is based on getting together.

"You know this. We know this. Everyone knows this."

We also know that it is not easy. (Unless you use Social Haven of course)

If you were to ask the next 2 strangers that walk by you what a calendar is used for, I am willing to bet that they would give you 2 different answers. In fact, when we were designing the Occasions feature in Social Haven, we came up with 4 different use cases.

And this is how we solved it: (deep breathe)

Simple Schedule

Informational in nature. You don't expect people to RSVP. They are likely interested in what's coming up, but will only rarely need to synchronize it with their calendar.

  • Schedule List
  • Schedule Detail View
  • Users are not allowed to RSVP to these types of occasions.
  • Users CAN download them to their own calendar.
  • Type: Schedule
  • Options: None
Throw Back Thursday
Taco Tuesday
Pajama Friday
Weekly Company Meeting

Presentation or Gathering

You are orchestrating a gathering. You don't know exactly how many people are coming, but you need to have a good guess so you can plan accordingly. You expect people to RSVP before coming.

  • Presentation List
  • Presentation Detail
  • Presentation Response
  • In order to RSVP, the user must provide a count of how many people they represent.
  • The creator of the occasion puts a limit to how many total attendees each RSVP can represent.
  • Type: Event
  • Options: Track Attendees
Ice Cream Social
PTA Meeting
Open House

Potluck or Work Session

You have an occasion where you expect people to bring items or be responsible for a particular job.

  • Work List
  • Work Detail
  • Work Response
  • Work Choose
  • Work Selected
  • Work Final
  • When users RSVP they must select the items they will be responsible for.
  • You can determine the min/max items per RSVP.
  • Type: Event
  • Options: Inventory
Holiday Luncheon
Weekend Volunteer Work

Official Event

You have a limited number of seats. The only way people can come is if they RSVP.

  • Official Detail
  • Official Full
  • First come first serve for RSVPs.
  • Users must pick their type of reservation.
  • Type: Event
  • Options: RSVP Limit, Inventory
Coldplay Concert

Some Extra Details

  • Occasions support "draft mode" publishing. This means you can pre-build them before they go live.
  • All occasions can target specific groups or classes.
    • You can create a single Schedule, have occasions for different classes in that Schedule, and only the people in that class can see it.
  • All RSVPs can be exported to excel.
  • You can have people fill out a form after they RSVP that they are attending.
  • You can manage RSVPs from the admin console. (though you are required to ensure users are updated)
  • Though supported, changing an event time and/or location is a dangerous operation.
    • Users will not get a push notification of any changes.
    • If they have downloaded the occasion to their calendar, they will get a badge notification and a red dot letting them know it has changed. [so they can re-download]
    • All changes should be communicated to users manually, there are too many moving parts to rely 100% on the system.

One Take Away

We currently do NOT support any type of recurrence. After seeing all of the above functionality, you can imagine how complex life would be if each of those allowed for recurrence. Until we implement recurrence (and I'm not promising we will), you can copy any occasion with the click of a button and change anything you like on the new instance.


Most people use some free web platform that handles one of those use cases. When it doesn't fit the bill, they have one of their staff members fill in the gaps. E-mails, papers, lists, text messages - you name it.

Managing occasions with Social Haven is the simpler way.

Your members already have the app. No extra user names, no extra websites, no advertising. And as a user told us last week:

"This is just beautiful."