Summary This is a maintenance release, only minor bugs and tweaks Enhancements [ios,android,web] Users can now respond to Occasions on behalf of other people who have access to the same student. [ios,android] Updated download mechanism to be a bit smarter at recognizing duplicate events. Notable Bug Fixes »

Release v1.3.4

Summary This release is mostly geared around user feedback and enhanced functionality. Note, there is no version 1.3.3. (We merged two development cycles into this one) Archiving Users can now archive bulletins, as long as they have been processed. Users can now archive conversations. (receiving a new message »

Conversations Feature

Introduction Conversations allow you to communicate with people without having to acquire their e-mail or mobile number in advance. They are essentially text messages without the need to exchange personal contact information. Simple And Effective You can start a conversation simply by typing their name in the search box. If »

Parents are tired.

Parents are tired of giving out their e-mail addresses, tired of giving out their phone numbers. Tired of spending more time dealing with red tape than actually engaging with you. We don't want to log in to a website every time there is a newsletter. We won't remember the website, »

Bulletins Feature

When you spend the time writing content, you want to be sure that the person you are sending to has the chance to see it. You don't send e-mail, you don't spam text messages: you write Bulletins. Introduction Bulletins are the primary method for "us to them" communication. It allows »