Bulletins Feature

When you spend the time writing content, you want to be sure that the person you are sending to has the chance to see it. You don't send e-mail, you don't spam text messages: you write Bulletins. Introduction Bulletins are the primary method for "us to them" communication. It allows »

Release v1.3.2

Summary This is a hotfix release, only critical bug fixes were addressed. Notable Bug Fixes [ios,android] Fixed an issue where downloaded calendar items were an hour off. [ios,android] Fixed an issue in Occasions where filter was not being respected. »

Social Feature

People expect a constant stream of information. Every aspect of their lives have it. Social Haven makes that a reality for any membership, club or school. The difference? It's private. Introduction The social features are designed to be the place that your users return to every day. They expect new »

Forms Feature

If you had to list all of the things you didn't like about dealing with schools, "paperwork" would probably be at the top of that list. Introduction There are two types of papers that you typically get when dealing with a school. One is a legally binding contract, something you'd »

Release v1.3.1

Summary This release brings Occasions and Events to the public along with some other UI improvements. Occasions & Events View Schedules RSVP To Events Claim inventory during RSVP (potluck: I'll bring the rice) Seat Limitations RSVP Excel Export Add to personal calendar Require a form to be filled out per »