Parents are tired of giving out their e-mail addresses, tired of giving out their phone numbers. Tired of spending more time dealing with red tape than actually engaging with you.

We don't want to log in to a website every time there is a newsletter. We won't remember the website, we won't remember which e-mail address we used to sign up and we won't waste our time trying to figure it out.

"As easy as Facebook and LinkedIn" - that's what we want. That's how we expect to engage.

Social Haven is built to satisfy that expectation.

It is a mobile-first engagement platform. Completely controllable by you and as comfortable as any social network.

Other products pretend to be mobile. Pretend to be helpful. But people grow tired of the deception. They want actuality.

Social Haven doesn't use click bait. There are no doctored screenshots and no tricky verbiage. We say what we do and we do what we say.

Take a look, you'll see.