This release is mostly geared around user feedback and enhanced functionality. Note, there is no version 1.3.3. (We merged two development cycles into this one)


  • Users can now archive bulletins, as long as they have been processed.
  • Users can now archive conversations. (receiving a new message will un-archive the conversation)
  • Archived items can still be viewed by selecting the proper option in the ellipsis menu.


  • [ios,android] You can now edit your own comments/remarks.
  • [ios,android] You can now edit your own posts.
  • [ios,android] Moderators can now approve items directly from the feed.
  • [web] Support for dynamic profile questions added at the principal and delegate level. (student/parent) [note, ios/android will support this in a future version]
  • [ios,android] Push notification preferences added to support future push notification types.
  • [web] Added new Directory area to allow management of principals and delegates. (students/parents)
  • [web] Added ability to add all members of a class (future and present) into a group.

UI Updates

  • [ios,android] When a conversation has more than two people, it will now show the user's name in addition to their photo.
  • [ios,android] User photos are no longer repeated for every message.
  • [ios,android] Bulletins can now link to occasions and forms.
  • [ios,android] You can now zoom/pan images in the media detail view.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • [ios,android] Fixed an issue that prevented endless scrolling on all screens.
  • [ios,android] Fixed an issue that prevented you from updating your first and last name.
  • [ios,android] Pesky red dot should update faster in most scenarios.