This release is the final of multiple releases that have made it to production.

New Login/Registration

  • Users no longer have to search for their school when joining. The access-code will derive the relationship automatically.
  • Each school now has the ability to create trial-memberships that auto-expire after a predefined amount of time.

Web Version Overhaul

  • The web version (though rarely used) has now passed through multiple layers of QA.
  • Users who do not have a mobile device can now accomplish all tasks using the web version.


  • [ios,android,web] Bulletins and Posts now support deep linking. The web version generates a link for you to copy.
  • [ios,android,web] Projects now support dynamic naming of procedures
  • [web] Conversations added.

UI Updates

  • [ios,android] Videos can now be rotated during playback.
  • [ios,android, web] User photos can now be zoomed in when they are part of a bulletin.
  • [ios,android] Multiple visual defects were fixed throughout.
  • [web] Layout of menu system changed to account for new features.