People expect a constant stream of information. Every aspect of their lives have it. Social Haven makes that a reality for any membership, club or school. The difference? It's private.


The social features are designed to be the place that your users return to every day. They expect new information to appear as often as they see it happen on Facebook or LinkedIn. It is up to you to train your staff to submit appropriate amounts of content to satisfy the hunger.


Posts can be text, photo, or video. If you upload a photo or video, they can include a caption. Although, that caption does not support hyperlinks like a text-only post does.

  • Post photo
  • Post text
  • Post photo detail
  • Post upload

Interaction Encouraged

You can comment on a post, like a post or bookmark the post for later. When you comment, you can tag people so that they get notified of the comment. Just start typing @theirname and you are good to go.

  • Post Remark
  • Post Tag


  • Ability to post can be limited to staff members only
  • Posts can be class specific. [So other classes won't see the posts]
  • Posts can be sent to a specific group. [Not visible to non-group members]
  • Photos can be downloaded to your phone.