Platform Features

Highlighted features of the Social Haven platform.

Occasions Feature

Social Haven has complete support for Calendars, Events and RSVPs. Because of the ambiguity of the term "Event", (and the amount of features stuffed into it) we named it something unique: Occasions. Introduction It doesn't matter if you are a private school, a private teacher, a sports club or a »

Conversations Feature

Introduction Conversations allow you to communicate with people without having to acquire their e-mail or mobile number in advance. They are essentially text messages without the need to exchange personal contact information. Simple And Effective You can start a conversation simply by typing their name in the search box. If »

Bulletins Feature

When you spend the time writing content, you want to be sure that the person you are sending to has the chance to see it. You don't send e-mail, you don't spam text messages: you write Bulletins. Introduction Bulletins are the primary method for "us to them" communication. It allows »

Social Feature

People expect a constant stream of information. Every aspect of their lives have it. Social Haven makes that a reality for any membership, club or school. The difference? It's private. Introduction The social features are designed to be the place that your users return to every day. They expect new »

Forms Feature

If you had to list all of the things you didn't like about dealing with schools, "paperwork" would probably be at the top of that list. Introduction There are two types of papers that you typically get when dealing with a school. One is a legally binding contract, something you'd »