This release brings Occasions and Events to the public along with some other UI improvements.

Occasions & Events

  • View Schedules
  • RSVP To Events
  • Claim inventory during RSVP (potluck: I'll bring the rice)
  • Seat Limitations
  • RSVP Excel Export
  • Add to personal calendar
  • Require a form to be filled out per RSVP


  • Users can now generate their own forms from the app.
  • Forms now supports different categories for schedules and events

UI Updates

  • [ios,android] New School area added to main navigation
  • [ios,android] Pins have moved to School area

Notable Bug Fixes

  • [ios] Fixed an issue that prevented the app from loading under certain circumstances.
  • [ios,android] Text in Browse area and in comments now support clickable links and phone numbers.
  • [ios] Typing too much text in a conversation box no longer hides the send button.
  • [android] Badge icon is now functional on devices running supported Launchers
  • [web] Fixed an issue that did not properly redirect upon successful login.
  • [web] File size limit on videos has been increased to 3GB.