It’s your school.

It’s their experience.

Why would we create a

no-cost platform?

It’s simple.

We truly care

about schools and teachers.

That’s why we worked
hard to develop a

no-cost solution
for educators.

What could you do
with an extra $500
to help your students thrive?

By using Social Haven, parents can
quickly generate funds
for your school or classroom.

It takes just a few seconds answering survey questions from time to time
to make an impact.


Parent perception matters.

Take it to the next level.

Curate the way parents experience your school.


Classroom snapshots allow parents to see the magic happening in your classrooms.

Streamlined Communication

Consistent communication in a clean, appealing format gives you a professional look.

Truly Connected

Parents feel authentically plugged in to their child’s day and your school, increasing engagement.

Gain an Edge

Set your school apart from others with your own app, an identity-building piece.


Classroom snapshots allow parents to see the magic happening in your classrooms.

Parents expect an app.

Give them more than your website.

An intuitive, clean, and affordable app is a real game-changer.

Mobile is the pathway for how people connect on their unique schedules.

An app helps your school
stand out with a professional edge.

Increase parent engagement with an effective, convenient, and
accessible platform.

An app quickly becomes a positive way parents identify with your school.

Time is limited.

Tasks seem unlimited.

Social Haven saves you time and makes common tasks easier to complete.

Digital Formats

are critical to saving time.

An Intuitive Platform

leads to immediate impact.

Classroom Pictures and Videos

are quickly shared to authentically connect parents.


Assign, Receive, and Access

completed documents right inside the app.

Organize Events

with parent convenience in mind.

Target Communications

to only those who need to see them.

Parents are busy enough.

They don’t need multiple ways to connect to your school.

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Events and RSVP’s
  • Flyers
  • Text messages
  • Pictures and videos
  • Papers to be signed
  • Enrollment documents

Way Too Many Avenues


A tool for this,
another for that,
and so on.

It’s a recipe for confusion,
dropped balls,
and being spread too thin.

For schools this can mean

  • more work;
  • forgotten or incomplete tasks; and
  • feeling overwhelmed.

For parents this can mean

  • less engagement
  • being uninformed; and
  • feeling disconnected.

your solutions

in one space that flows beautifully
and makes everyone’s life easier.

Why wait?

It only takes a few minutes to get started.

As a no-cost platform,

there’s nothing but massive upside
to adopting the Social Haven platform.

Save time.

Reduce tasks.

Generate needed funds.

Make life easier for parents.

Engage your school community.

Provide a single space for interaction.