Classroom Snapshots

Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

In just a few seconds, schools can privately share the magic happening in their classrooms. This is what curating the parent experience is all about. The list goes on and on: the learning, the teaching, the artwork, the thinking, collaboration, sharing, helping, the playing, the smiles, laughter, excitement, and so much more.

There are many beautiful moments happening inside and outside your school, but parents can only see what you share with them. With the Social feed, schools can quickly and easily share classroom snapshots so parents can see the same amazing moments teachers and admin do.

Immediate impact with classroom snapshots

The Social feed is the first tab in the platform because it allows parents to quickly scroll through photos and videos of what’s happening in school. These posts make the school day come alive in so many ways, ultimately helping parents to feel authentically connected in a few moments of scrolling.

Parents love quickly checking in and hopefully seeing a photo of their child thriving at school.

It’s convenient, much more so than checking a link in an email or visiting a website. No thanks.

It takes just a few seconds to scroll the Social feed and yet the impact is huge. Let your parents stay connected throughout the day and give them the chance to use snapshots to create conversations at home.

“What were you doing there? Who’s your friend you’re working with here?”

As easy as it is for parents to experience that connection, it’s just as easy for school staff to extend it.

A stronger connection with
parents in seconds

Classroom snapshots can be saved to the “saved” tab within the app or clicked on to then download straight to the user’s camera roll. Parents appreciate capturing those extra special gems for the long haul.

Save within app or to camera roll.

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