Most of the time schools craft their communication for individual classes
or the entire school, but many schools have clubs
that exist outside of those parameters.

Setting up groups within Social Haven allows you to send information to a group of select members, whether it’s through Bulletins, Occasions, or Forms, or even setting up a private forum for the club to build their community and streamline communication.

Clubs, or any other non-class grouping, could comprise of students from more than one class or a pocket of students within a class.

So whatever you have going on, this flexibility allows you to target your communication so the right parents see it while other parents are not burdened with irrelevant information.

This is a big deal.

We’ve learned that when people become convinced they have to parse what’s relevant to them from what’s not, they begin to ignore information you really want them to see.

Keep communication clean, save time, and respect the time of your students’ parents.