Digital Scrapbook

Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

Collect the favorites.

The Social feed is packed with loads of school-day goodness, and there’s no doubt parents love seeing it all, but they also like being able to hold on to those photos that stand out

Typically this means all the pictures featuring their child.

And as easy as it is to take pictures in our digital era, parents aren’t capturing the bulk of school happenings – those sweet moments of learning, working with friends, and running around at playtime.

That’s why Social Haven for Schools allows parents to save photos and videos they especially love.


Two Ways to Save

The first way to save content is to click the chevron symbol in the lower right corner of the post, which will save that post into the saved tab at the top of the Social feed.

The second way to save a photo is to download it directly into the phone’s camera roll by clicking the picture and then selecting the download icon.

The ability to save photos and videos from the classroom gives parents
the chance to see some of the magic being created, and that means a lot.

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