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Dec 4, 2019 | Platform Feature

Parents count on you to keep their children safe

…in an inviting environment where they can flourish emotionally, socially, and academically; it can be easy to forget parents have a choice when it comes to enrolling their children in school.

That means differentiating matters.

The Resources tab gives parents a place to discuss whatever topics you choose to introduce, or maybe what they suggest. Whether it’s an article on education, child development, or parenting, the Resources feature can provide parents an organized and dedicated place to converse with one another.

Sure, some parents are more interested in these topics than others, and some parents have more time than others, but providing the opportunity is all you can do, and that opportunity has major value in and of itself.

That said, parents often do not know where to turn for answers to specific questions. Your community might just have the answers and you can build the framework for developing and showcasing those answers.

That’s empowering!

Whether you’re attracting new students or retaining existing ones, there are many ways to stand out to parents looking for the right fit for their child’s school, and you never know where parents will find that extra bit of value that helps them make their decision.

Social Haven for Schools is growing and the Resources tab is a space that can help your school community grow alongside us.

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