Once you’re ready to enroll a new student, a flood of paperwork typically follows. Documents go out, come back…or not, correctly completed…or not, and forms have to be printed, filed, distributed, collected, reviewed and filed upon return, and so on. It’s likely not your favorite part of your work.

Social Haven for Schools communicates with Adobe Sign, a digital service where both completed and blank documents are stored securely.

Upload or create documents one time, arrange them into a single enrollment packet one time, and then assign that packet to new parents for them to complete digitally.

There’s no collecting or storing physical documents.

Parents are notified in the app when they have something to complete and you’ll receive notifications anytime a document has been completed. Win-win.

The enrollment process through Social Haven for Schools takes less time and is easier for both parents and the school. It makes enrolling new students fun like it should be.