Mar 28, 2020 | News

Typically organized by classes, schools sometimes have unique groupings that don’t line up with one class or another.

Maybe your school has a Parent Advisory Council, a PTA, or some other committee of parents and teachers. You might be putting on a school play or provide after-school childcare with students from a variety of classes.

Groups allow you to do two major things:

1. Target members of groups you’ve created.
2. Provide a devoted space for all group-specific content.


Whenever you want to communicate with a particular group, target your bulletin, forum, occasion, or form to that group. This allows the content to remain perfectly relevant, while those not in the group don’t see it.

Below is an example of how a bulletin targeted to a particular group appears in the app. Notice the first bulletin is for those on the Parent Advisory Council while the second is for Everyone. Only those on the PAC would see this first bulletin.

Devoted Space

From the Groups tab, users can either join groups anyone can join, ask to join groups requiring access, or be added straight into a group by an admin.

Once a user is in a group, they can do two things from the Group tab:

a. View bulletins targeted to their groups as well as any Social feed posts
(text only, photos, videos) made from the Group tab by their other group

b. Create Social feed posts (text only, photos, videos) for only other members
of that group to view.

*It’s these two things that provide groups with a devoted, private place to
engage and be engaged.

Though group-specific Social and Bulletin posts are consolidated and private in the Group tab, these posts are also displayed in the Bulletins and Social tabs for those users with access to that group content. This allows these users to quickly see all of their relevant content in the Bulletins and Social tabs.

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