In-App Text Messaging

Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

Informal, 1-to-1 communication is often best for the job.

That’s where the Convos tab comes into play.

Sure, sharing personal phone numbers works, but it’s not necessarily all that professional, and using them means crossing over into one’s personal life.

It goes both ways, and Social Haven for Schools covers each side.

Parents. . .

want to be able to communicate informally without interrupting teachers’ lives outside of school. When they have the means to do this, they feel good about sending messages whenever they think of something because they know teachers will check their messages during school hours and not be bothered during their personal time.

Teachers/Admin. . .

want to make themselves accessible to parents while still having simple and clear boundaries between their work and personal lives. They can feel good knowing parents have a way to communicate that isn’t disrupting their own personal space.


Within the Convos tab you can find anyone in the system and add more than one person to a conversation.

All previous conversations will reside in the Convos tab for future reference. You can continue a conversation by choosing it or starting a new one to remain separate from previous ones.

It makes a lot of sense to have this functionality where everything else school-related is happening.

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