Less Emails, Less Phone Calls

Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

Your time is limited and your work is incredibly important, but do you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly?

Allowing for comments in Bulletins, Occasions, and the Social feed solves this problem by keeping questions and conversations relevant to that content for all to see. No more unnecessary emails or phone calls here, there, and everywhere!


You send home an email about an upcoming event at school. You start getting emails with questions about the event, many of them the same or close to it.

You stuff student folders with a survey to be completed by parents. You start getting phone calls asking for clarification about the survey questions. So many of the questions are the same.

This is a mess and a very real misuse of your time. When you provide a shared and digital community space with information organized by topic, parents can interact openly with the community and you can answer questions once for all to see.

Yes, this makes your life easier, but it is also helpful to parents who have questions. They know where to look first and if nobody has asked yet, they can get the ball rolling. They also don’t have to worry about taking up one person’s time when many people could hold the answer.

That’s the power of community and it’s a much smarter pathway for communication.

Social Haven can help you get on that path.

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