Dec 4, 2019 | Platform Feature

Monthly, weekly, or per fortnight, say goodbye to sending home newsletters that go missing, or never get read because they aren’t convenient for parents.

Bulletins through Social Haven work.

Parents engage on their schedules and always have access.

Creating a newsletter takes a few clicks and can have such a meaningful impact for parents. Newsletters are one of many ways Social Haven for Schools allows you to curate the parent experience.

Customize newsletters however you like and arrange information in whatever order makes sense for you. Bulletins all you to include any of the following:

  • header (always appears in bold)
  • regular text
  • bulleted text
  • numbered text
  • an image
  • a video
  • a button with a URL link

Once you click the Publish Now button, parents have the information at their fingertips and, because it’s convenient, the likelihood of them seeing that information in a timely fashion increases dramatically!


Parents love having the information accessible at all times so they can consume it when it works for their schedule. If they want to check back on something, they have it right there on their phone, not stuck in a pile of papers somewhere else.

Newsletters are one of many ways you can manage parent perception of your beautiful school. Help them see the amazing experiences happening on a day-to-day basis in your classrooms and keep them abreast of what is coming up in the near future.

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