On-Demand Forms

Nov 20, 2019 | Platform Feature

Filling out forms is part of operating a school, whether as an admin, a teacher, or a parent.

Having forms stored digitally is wonderful. Check.
Filling forms out electronically?
Also wonderful.
Also ✅.

Then there are forms you want to access even faster. We call these forms “on-demand” because they can be pinned to your Social Haven web console’s homepage. These are forms you use several times each week, and maybe even every day.

Maybe you fill out forms for injuries or behavior incidents or even daily reports. It’s easy to build these forms and then have them on-demand for when you need them quickly.

Create and complete forms digitally, send them electronically, and then get notified once parents complete them. Nothing is lost in transition and, because they’re so easy to fill out, putting them off and forgetting to complete them is no longer part of your reality.

Here’s an example of a form being drafted (left) and the draft’s preview (right).

Forms allow for headers, standard text, URL buttons, bulleted text, and images, and questions can ask for answers in the following formats:

  • text
  • date
  • number
  • single choice (select only one)
  • multiple choice (select more than one)
  • image

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