Social Haven gives schools a singular, devoted space to share content.

This ensures parents are informed and feel connected to their children during the day. Your students’ parents will visit Social Haven as a matter of habit, as the way to stay informed and plugged in.

When we find a solution that solves a problem, we often run with it until we find something better. What we frequently end up with is a collection of solutions across an increasingly broad landscape – a solution for this here, a solution for that there.

Social Haven for Schools solves many problems without stretching your attention across several different applications.

Being able to do so much in one place makes your job easier and parents don’t end up having to look here, there, and somewhere else for items you’ve shared – photos, newsletters, forms, documents, event details, etc.

Parents quickly experience the benefits the Social Haven app provides and learn to look in one place to connect instead of many.

Solve more of your problems in less spaces.

Social Haven for Schools is one beautiful place where you increase efficiency, reduce paperwork, and manage the parent experience so parents actually feel connected.