Nov 20, 2019 | Platform Feature

Schools want to share and parents want to be involved, but not for the whole world to see.


Social Haven answers this challenge with a platform that’s private for staff and parents to share and see what they want.

Parents can feel great that pictures of their children, their comments, and everything else happening within the app isn’t out in the open for all to see. And that feels good.

All data within Social Haven is fully encrypted at rest; during periods of transition Social Haven’s data is encrypted with the industry standard, or better.

What does this mean for your school? You can rest assured the platform is private and secure for those who have been invited – you know, only the people who are supposed to be there.


Invitations are completed through automated emails sent from the secure web console within Social Haven for Schools. The invitee receives a unique code that can be used only once.

That’s what you’d expect, right?

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