Release v1.3.0

Nov 14, 2019 | Release Notes


Adds upgraded form logic and a new staff area in the app.

Notable Features

  • Pre-Fill Forms have been added.
    • Forms can now be pre-filled by staff, then finished by user. Item’s filled by staff can be viewed, but not edited by users.
  • Forms can now be marked as required. [causes red dot]
  • [ios,android] Added a “Staff” area.
  • [ios,android] Added form value lookup to staff area.
  • Browse feed can now be moderated.
    • Once enabled, all people can post, but they do not appear for everyone until they have been approved.
  • Pins can now be organized from mobile devices.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • [ios] App Badge now correctly shows correct number when app is closed when a notification comes in.
  • [android] Added pinning support.
  • [android] Profile photo is no longer rotated.
  • [android] Photo manipulation should now work on all devices.

Breaking Changes

On Friday the 26th, all people who use the app below version v1.3.0 will be prompted to download the latest version and will not be able to use the older versions. This affects about 5%-10% of people in the system.

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