Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

Sometimes a quick reminder is all it takes to make the difference you need.

Bulletins in Social Haven are sure to be seen with push notifications, and only take seconds to get into the right hands – through the app, of course!

Regardless of what the reminder is, if it’s important enough to mention, it’s important enough to send out a quick Bulletin to keep everyone up to speed. It can take a matter of seconds to make sure the entire school, or whomever needs the reminder, sees what you need them to see.

Target your reminders to whatever class or group needs them. The one above is marked for “everyone” to view. This way you can be sure parents are receiving the information they need, and they can access it whenever and wherever. It’s the only way.

Sending home paper reminders, emails, or trying to touch base with everyone during drop-off/dismissal is sure to minimize your reach.

Use Bulletins with Social Haven for Schools to make your reminders matter.

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