Save Drafts

Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

When a Bulletin or Occasion is not ready to publish, save it as a draft.

Maybe it’s an emerging idea that needs more time in the oven, or some details aren’t definite yet. Drafts help get part of the job done so they’re ready to roll when the time is right.


This feature ensures good ideas don’t have to wait, even if they aren’t fully developed. Being able to save drafts can come in really handy when things get really busy and hitting Publish Now just isn’t an option. They’re also great for building ideas over time.

For example, maybe your teachers publish a weekly newsletter and they’d rather not write the entire newsletter the day (or night) before it’s to go home.

It’s much easier to create a draft and add to it when things happen because we all know plans sometimes change.

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