School Calendar and Handbook

Dec 4, 2019 | Platform Feature

Store commonly referenced school materials where parents can get to them without having to navigate a website. The Resources tab in the Social Haven app provides the flexibility of making a document storehouse or discussion space.

Sure, a physical copy of a handbook and calendar is nice, but these can be
1.) expensive to produce, and 2.) stuck at home where they cannot be accessed elsewhere.


The Resources tab offers limitless possibilities for how you use it. Maybe you share an interesting article about education or parenting from time to time and want parents to see it, too. Maybe you want to share a list of the best books on child development.

Whatever you want to share that deserves to be kept within the app, Resources is the place to store it.

Schools often keep FAQs here or store their school calendar, handbook, tuition rates and fees, and other information more static in nature.

No matter how you use Resources, parents enjoy having the information organized and always available to them.

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