School Events

Dec 3, 2019 | Platform Feature

“When and where is that meeting? Do we need to bring anything?”
“I can’t remember. Just check the the website. It’s probably on there.”
“I can’t stand that thing. I can never find anything. Did we get a paper about it?”

So many questions that need an answer. So much confusion about where to find those answers. Give the full scoop in a single Occasion that’s always available and easy to find in the app.

Occasions help schools organize their events and keep parents informed, which means increased parent engagement.

When parents have the information they need always at their fingertips, they can attend events fully prepared.

Parents can see all details of a school event on their schedule, add the event to their phone’s calendar, and even see to which events they have RSVP’ed.


There are no more surprises, no more searches for answers, no more trying to remember important details.

Make it easy on yourself. Make it easy on parents.

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