The No-Cost Solution

Mar 30, 2020 | News

The Social Haven platform began with schools in mind, and our priorities have not changed since. This is why creating a no-cost solution for schools and teachers was so important to us.

Donate time, not money.

Survey donations allow parents to help the school by spending a few seconds here and there sharing their opinions on a variety of topics. These opinions immediately turn into credits to be converted by the school into actual money. Schools and teachers now have a revenue stream to spend how they see fit without doing any extra work. Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s how it works. We all know companies want to make smart business decisions. They value feedback from actual consumers because it’s one of the best ways to make informed business choices. Companies happily pay for consumers’ opinions and this is where we enter the picture.

Social Haven for Schools gives parents the option to answer survey questions straight from the app. Parents can answer as few or as many questions as they’d like. Every answer earns credits for the school. These credits can be cashed in by the school or teacher however they see fit to help students thrive.

Whether it’s a new computer, better art supplies, or money toward a big field trip, parents can come together as a community to generate these needed funds. The credits add up quickly and there’s no extra work for you to do. In the spirit of a fundraising drive, it’s never a bad idea to create a bulletin asking parents to answer questions for a stretch of time to help fund a specific project.

Whenever there’s a moment of down time – maybe it’s waiting in the car line to pick up kids, at soccer practice, or while waiting for pasta to boil – parents can earn several credits in seconds.

Within the app is a discreet button for parents to begin their credit-earning journey. Here’s what parents will see after clicking the button for the first time:

Questions can always be skipped and they’ll never ask for personal identifying information.

A free app with free money. It’s a win-win-win-win situation.

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